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16 Feb 2013

06 Feb 2013

We have a news page now! And there are some news even:

  • New menu version 1.2.0 for EasyFlash3:
    • Can be controlled with a joystick in port 2
    • Does not contain the disk writer anymore, it is contained in EasyTransfer from now
  • New version 1.2.0 of EasyTransfer:
    • The verify problem with some drives is hopefully fixed
    • EasyTransfer comes with the C64 part of the tool included. It is transfered automatically over USB.

In case you didn't try the new EasyTransfer tool yet: It is able to write a D64 image to a real disk in less than a minute, including format and verify! And it can start a PRG or flash a CRT. Do it like this:

  • Make sure the jumpers are in DATA position
  • Connect USB
  • Make sure the EF3 driver is installed
  • Start EasyTransfer (GUI) or ef3xfer (command line) on your PC, Linux or Windows
  • Transfer a file
  • You do not need to start any tool on C64 side: The menu does it automatically as soon as it detects data arriving
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