Questions & Answers

All EasyFlash models

Q: How can I get EasyProg and the CRT files from my PC to the C64?

A: The EasyProg executable (.prg) and the CRT files have to be put on a medium that can be read using C64. This can be a disk for just about any type of disk drive that the C64/128 uses, e.g. 1541, 1581, FD-2000, or a memory card for e.g. sd2iec device.

There are numerous different ways to transfer files from PC to C64 disk. For example a 1541 disk drive can be connected to PC using a purpose made cables (X1541-series cables) or adapters (e.g. ZoomFloppy). Accompanying software on the PC is then used for the file transfer. With the standard Commodore disk drives the capacity of the disk may not be big enough for a large CRT file. In this case EasySplit should be used. Therefore a larger capacity disk drive like the FD-2000 may be useful.

Even better would be one of the modern memory card based disk drive replacements. They are very useful for transferring and using the files directly with C64. A perfect companion for EasyFlash programming is any sd2iec based device, such as SD2IEC, uIEC/SD and the likes. The capacity is not an issue, files can be transferred to SD memory card easily with modern systems, and the programming is fast.

EasyFlash 3 specific

Q: Can I install JiffyDOS with the EasyFlash 3 cartridge?

A: Yes. The C64 KERNAL part of the JiffyDOS system can be “installed” externally using the EasyFlash 3 cartridge. Note that the JiffyDOS system consists of two parts: the computer (KERNAL ROM) part and the disk drive (drive ROM) part. The disk drive ROM can not be replaced with a cartridge like EF3 of course.

So, to be able to use the fast loading routines, also the disk drive has to be installed with JiffyDOS, or be otherwise compatible with the JiffyDOS protocol, such as devices using the sd2iec firmware.

Q: What do the jumpers in EasyFlash 3 cartridge do?

A: The jumpers, or jumper block, are relevant to the USB functions. During normal USB operation, the jumpers should be in the ‘DATA’ position. When the jumpers are in the ‘DATA’ position, the EF slots can be programmed with EasyTransfer, and the cartridge can be used for data transfer between PC and C64.

The jumpers have to be in the ‘PROG’ position when programming or updating the CPLD core of the EF3 cartridge.