Who We Are

For questions please feel free to write to skoe@directbox.com. Note that I do not sell these cartridges nor do I give technical support for EasyFlash cartridges sold by somebody else.

This project is based on an idea by myself, Thomas ‘skoe’ Giesel. However, without the help of many people it would not be possible to bring it to such a high quality in every concern.

Hardware and Software Development and Documentation Thomas ‘skoe’ Giesel
QA & Consulting (EasyFlash 1) Martin Hoffmann-Vetter
PCB Layout (EasyFlash 1) Björn ‘JMP$FCE2’ Wieck
EasyLoader ALeX Kazik
Artwork Retrofan, Thomas ‘Ernie76’ Boissé
Additional Software Development John64, Martin ‘enthusi’ Wendt, Tom-Cat
Web authoring Ilkka ‘ilesj’ Sjöstedt
Additional Support AntaBaka, CapFuture1975, Cyberdyne, Dirk Vroomen, Heather Kent, The Joker, Lemming, Mad2, Oliver Weissflach, Ray ‘WizardNJ’ L, Slator, Soulstealer, Sven ‘SubZero’ Schwarz, -trb-

A special acknowledgement goes to Nils ‘for(;;)’ Eilers, Roland ‘Retro Donald’ Hager, Lemming, Mike Betz. They ordered PCBs and parts and sold them in their online shops, placed centralized orders or soldered EasyFlashs for other C64 users.