Recommended Picks

Here are presented some EasyFlash tailored and compatible releases that, we think, are highly recommended content for your EasyFlash cartridge!

We do not host these files here, but you can find them and a lot more from e.g. CSDb. Simply search for the game names or ‘EasyFlash’.

Title Supported
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Arcades Compilation #1, #2 & #3
These are compilations of C64 ports of coin-op arcade games, 5-6 games on each. All of them feature a bunch of trainers and comprehensive documents. Games that save high scores save them to flash. Backup/restore utility included.
Released by Nostalgia on January-May 2012
Batman the Movie
This comprehensive version of Batman runs on many drives and devices including EF. This version includes full game documents, a bunch of important bugfixes, high score saver with backup/restore, and of course, a selection of trainers.
Released by Erhan/Nostalgia on August 2012
Battle Chess
Need a quick fix of entertaining Chess? Sure thing! Since the disk loading times are eliminated in this EF release, it doesn't have to take a tournament level time scale to have some laughs in Battle Chess. Docs and game saves within the cartridge.
Released by S!R/Nostalgia on June 2014
Cinemaware Collection
A compilation of three Cinemaware classics: Defender of the Crown, Rocket Ranger and Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon. Features documents, trainers and bugfixes to each game.
Released by Nostalgia on December 2011
Commando Arcade
A massive overhaul of the classic with new features and new levels. This version is closer to the arcade original and improved in many ways. This epic version runs also from EF cartridge. Highscores are saved to flash and can be imported/exported.
Released by Nostalgia on May 2014
Creatures 1 & 2, Mayhem in Monsterland
Creatures and its sequel along with several other late C64 games including Mayhem in Monsterland and Rodland have been modified to run from EasyFlash by SAM & EDK.
Released by SAM & EDK in 2013-2014
EasyFlash Compilation #4
A compilation of 5 games: Impossible Mission 2, The Movie Monster Game, Predator, Biggles and Mountie Mick's Death Ride. Once again all games feature documents and trainers, and IM2 has a game and high score saver. Backup/restore utility included.
Released by Nostalgia on June 2012
Epyx Games Collection
The "Master Collection" of Epyx's Games series. Summer Games, Summer Games II, Winter Games, World Games and California Games on a single Easyflash cartridge image! Documents, high score saver and backup/restore feature included.
Released by John64 on April 2012
Last Ninja 3
The final showdown of the beloved Last Ninja saga. Ninja Three was always meant to be a cartridge game, and now it's true. This version includes an unlimited lives trainer, instructions and a high score saver.
Released by John64 on April 2011
Last Ninja Remix
The Remix version of the Last Ninja 2 has added graphics and remixed soundtrack. This EasyFlash version is enhanced with trainers.
Released by Skoe on March 2010
Leaderboard Collection
Collection of all three Leaderboard games; Leaderboard Golf + Tournament Courses, Leaderboard Executive Edition and World Class Leaderboard. This collection features all extra courses for all three games. That's 26 courses with 468 holes!
Released by Tom-Cat/Nostalgia on July 2012
Legacy of the Ancients/Legend of Blacksilver
The RPG adventures from Quest Software on a single EF cartridge. Documents and cheats to both games included. Game saves are written to Flash.
Released by Saxxon on February 2014
MYTH: History in the Making
Although this System 3's epic action platformer was originally available also as a cartridge, this EasyFlash version is blessed with an infinite lives trainer, instructions and a digi-sample boost for the new SID.
Released by Skoe on February 2011
Onslaught Shooter Collection
A real treat for horizontally scrolling shooter fans! This bundle features a selection of some of the most action packed horizontal shooters available for C64. Load up, tape your trigger finger and blast away!
Released by enthusi & Slator / Onslaught on July 2014
Thanks to the fierce pirates of Nostalgia fleet, the original Sid Meier's Pirates! now runs on EasyFlash! This treasure includes comprehensive docs, trainers and a save game editor plus possibility to import existing game saves.
Released by S!R & Erhan / Nostalgia on April 2013
Prince of Persia
A faithful port of the famous classic for C64 & C128, only possible as an EasyFlash cartridge! Features documents and game progress saving.
Released by Mr. SID on November 2011 (version 1.1)
Project Firestart
Acclaimed survival horror in 8 bits. This time without the horror of disk swapping and loading pauses. In addition to that, this EF version brings you documents, trainers and all five game progress save slots, plus a backup and restore utility!
Released by Nostalgia on January 2012
RGCD 16k Cart Compo 2013 Collection
All entries from the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2013. 15 brand new 16k cartridge games on a single EasyFlash cartridge! Extras include trainers, documentation and high score savers to the games.
Released by Genesis Project on December 2013
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Sword of Honour
A prime example how a game crippled by loading times becomes a smooth kungfu experience with some ninjutsu flash magic!
Released by Nostalgia on January 2013
A definite version of this great action adventure. Documents, bug fixes, enhancements and trainers implemented, and even includes a walkthrough! This version is compatible with many devices EasyFlash including.
Released by Erhan/Nostalgia on July 2014
Zak McKracken + Maniac Mansion
Lucasfilm's two finest C64 adventure games on a single cartridge! Documents, game progress saving, backup/restore and extras included. German version also available.
Released by Onslaught on March 2011

Saving features mentioned here means saving to flash. If a game has e.g. a high score saving, the game saves the scores directly to the cartridge flash.

A Backup/Restore feature means that the saved data can be exported to disk and imported back to EasyFlash cartridge. This is very useful if you have a cartridge with e.g. saved high scores. You are then able to rewrite the EasyFlash cartridge, and restore the saved data later on.