Write a CRT Image with EasyProg Using a Disk Drive

This manual applies to both EasyFlash and EasyFlash 3

EasyProg is a program for the C64. It is used to write ("burn") cartridge image files (*.crt) to EasyFlash cartridge. EasyProg can be found at downloads.

First the program must be loaded and run as usual, e.g. from a disk drive.

On EasyFlash 3, EasyProg can be started from the EF3 menu.

Press the keys M (Menu), W (Write CRT to flash) to open the file selection dialog.

On EasyFlash 3, EasyProg asks to select a slot. Slot 0 - System Area should only to be selected when updating EasyFlash 3. See EF3 Update.

Browse and select the cartridge image (*.crt) you want to write to the EasyFlash cartridge. Of course this file must be on a media which can be read using the C64. For example this could be a disk for the 1541 or an SD card in sd2iec device.

Number keys can be used to select the device if needed.

After this dialog has been confirmed with the Return key, the programming starts.

Now the data is written to the cartridge. Depending on the size of the file, the speed of the drive and whether the built-in fast loader is compatible with the drive this may take a minute or more than 20 minutes.

Don’t be afraid: When data is written to the flash memory, the VIC-II cannot access the normal character set. That’s why there are some flickering stripes on the screen during this process.

EasyFlash 3 only: When the flashing of the cartridge image is finished, EasyProg prompts for Cartridge Name.

Done! After resetting the machine the cartridge should start up. On EasyFlash the boot switch or jumper must be in the right position to enable this. On EasyFlash 3 the new cartridge should appear in the EF3 menu.

Built-in fast loader

EasyProg has a fast loader implemented for 1541, 1571 in 1541 mode, 1581 and sd2iec/uIEC.

The fast loader for sd2iec/uIEC works only with sd2iec firmware 0.10.2 or higher.

If the fast loader does not work with your drive, you can disable it by entering O “Options” => F “Fast loader enabled: No”.

By default the fast loader is enabled.

Additional functionality

Functions that are only available for EasyFlash 3 can not be selected when using EasyFlash.

By selecting M (Menu), A (Erase all) the flash memory can be erased completely. ⚠ Caution! This also erases the System Area (EasyFlash Slot 0) of EasyFlash 3. In order to use EF3 after this operation, the EF menu has to be rewritten back to the flash memory.

On EasyFlash 3, a single slot can be erased by selecting M (Menu), S (Erase slot)

Using E (Expert) -menu, cartridge test procedures can be invoked.

To check whether the right data has been written, the keys E (Expert), X (Hex viewer) start a viewer for the flash memory content.