What is EasyFlash?

EasyFlash is a cartridge for the C64 expansion port. In contrast to traditional cartridges, this one can be programmed directly from the C64.

You can easily create various classic computer game cartridges or program collections with it. All what you need to do this is a C64, an EasyFlash, the software available here and an image of the cartridge (*.crt). As these CRT files may be quite large, a large capacity disk drive like the FD-2000 or an sd2iec device may be useful. For smaller drives EasySplit can be used to compress and split large cartridge images.

EasyFlash is no replacement for a disk drive or hard disk, you can’t write and read files e.g. with SAVE and LOAD. EasyFlash 1 is not a freezer cartridge like the Final Cartridge III or the Retro Replay.

How does EasyFlash work?

EasyFlash is an 1 MByte Flash EPROM cartridge with multiple configurations and banks possible. It does not use traditional UV-EPROMs, but Flash memory. This makes it possible to “burn” the cartridge using your C64, no EPROM programmer is needed.

The EasyFlash hardware is very easy to build and comes with comprehensive software for users and developers. It is easy to make your own cartridge with your favourite software on it and it is easy to create completely new software for being used with EasyFlash.

EasyFlash supports following cartridge formats:

  • Normal 8k and Normal 16k
  • Ultimax
  • Ocean Type 1
  • EasyFlash and EasyFlash xbank.

The hardware design and all software packages are licensed under Open Source licenses. This means you can do nearly anything with it.

These are the sub-projects of EasyFlash:

  • EasyFlash is the name of the hardware
  • EasyFlash 3 is an extented hardware design with added features
  • EasyProg is a C64 program to write cartridge (*.crt) images to the hardware
  • EasySplit is a PC program to compress and split cartridge images
  • EasyTransfer is a PC program to transfer and write data over USB with EasyFlash 3
  • EasyLoader is a menu which is added to your EasyCart images
  • EasySDK is a collection of documents and code snippets for developers

There are also some third-party tools which are not supported by the EasyFlash maintainer. Some of them are also open source:

  • Draco Cart Maker is a PC program to create cartridge images, Java, the first tool of its kind
  • ndefpack by nojoopa, PC program to create cartridge images, multiple platforms, high compatibility
  • EasyFlash Cart Builder by King Durin, PC program to create cartridge images
  • EasyFlash 3 USB Utilities by Tom-Cat, transfer tools for the USB port of EasyFlash 3.

You should be able to find these on CSDB or with a search engine.